Hunt, Attack, Slaughter: Inside Serial Killer Gary Ridgeway’s Manic Murder Spree

Crazed criminal confessed to 49 homicides — investigators believe there were over 90.

Hidden in the foliage and anchored under rocks, police found the body of four Gary Ridgeway victims: Debra Lynn Bonner, Cynthia Jean Hinds, Opal Charmaine Mills and Marcia Faye Chapman.

The serial murderer — better known as “The Green River Killer” — confessed to hunting, raping and killing at least 49 women. After much investigation, authorities claimed the crazed man has actually murdered over 90 innocent victims, but had eventually lost count.

“It was shocking,” says former KING-TV Reporter, Linda Byron, in REELZ’s new docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous: The Green River Killer.

As National Enquirer previously reported, most of Ridgeway’s crimes occurred between 1982 and 1984. After police found various of his victims’ bodies in Washington’s secluded Green River, he began changing his locations and often disposing of the women’s bodies in other states, to confuse authorities.

“A lot of teenagers. Some had gone through puberty, some hadn’t. Everyone was wondering ‘is that my daughter in danger? My wife? Who ‘s in danger? Who are the victims?’” says Tomas Guillen, Author, Search for the Green River Killer, in the show teaser.

“He kills these women, sometimes in his truck, sometimes in his house,” adds Byron.

Gary Ridgway, 69, was given life in prison after pleading guilty to his killings. He is still behind bars.

Murder Made Me Famous: The Green River Killer airs Saturday, April 14 at 8:00 ET/ PT on REELZ.