Roseanne Barr Goes on ‘F-g’ Rant, Declares Herself ‘Queer’

‘I put the Q in LGBTQ.’

Say what? Roseanne Barr went off on a rant in a video posted to YouTube on Sunday, April 22. Her latest rambling started off relatively sanely, with the disgraced Roseanne star slamming the use of a homophobic slur.

“Man, the word ‘f-g’ is a really hateful word, isn’t it? Especially when it’s, like, one gay calling another gay guy that?” the disheveled 66-year-old began. “Whoooo! Have you ever been in the middle of one of them hate marriages? Ooooof. It’s like, ‘Wait a minute. We’re not supposed to say that word.’ ‘How come you’re saying that word?’ ‘What?’ Oh, I just can’t say that word. Well, I can when I’m in the house, but I can’t say it outside the house. OK, I get your rules, but it is a hateful word and you should get rid of it. Get rid of it being spoken.”

Roseanne Barr Goes on ‘F-g’ Rant

Courtesy Roseanne Barr/Instagram (2)

Then the aging actress, with her blonde hair whipping about her as she sat outside in a vehicle, went in on the LGBTQ acronym.

“OK, let me be real,” Barr said. I put the Q in LGBTQ, OK? ‘Cause I am queer as two mother–kers. I’m queer. I’m alien. I don’t belong here with all these people. They make no sense. They are very queer, and that makes me a queer, I guess. But I did put the Q in it. Bye!”

The actress made no attempt to clarify whether she was addressing her sexuality, or just being a bizarre human being.

In 2018, ABC immediately fired Barr and canceled the hit revival of her eponymous show, Roseanne, after she tweeted a racist comment about former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. In her tweet, she said Jarret is what would be the result if the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.” Though the star apologized and claimed she didn’t know the adviser was black, she blamed the comment on tweeting while on Ambien. (The network later relaunched the sitcom without her as The Conners.)