Prom Mom Spent The Night Dancing With Pals After Killing Newborn In Bathroom

Melissa Drexler was arrested after school janitor found dead baby in trash can.

On June 6, 1997, Melissa Drexler gave birth to a baby boy inside a bathroom stall at her senior prom. The New Jersey teen — who hid her pregnancy from everyone for the entire nine months — suffocated the newborn and left him in the trash can to return to the dance.

Eyewitnesses said she appeared normal and happy during the event, and no one suspected she had just committed a brutal killing.

Now, REELZ’s new docuseries shines a light on the prom mom’s dark past and the troubled events that turned her into a teen killer.

“I think if someone was fully aware that they just had a catastrophic event happen in their life, they would not come out and do business as usual at the prom,” says Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Bransfield, in the show teaser for REELZ’s Murder Made Me Famous: Prom Mom.

Melissa Drexler was eventually arrested after a school janitor found the baby in the trash.

Murder Made Me Famous: Prom Mom airs Saturday, May 12 at 8:00 ET/ PT on REELZ.