Pizza Joint Shut Down After Employees Put Laxatives on Pies

One worker posted about adding the crappy topping on social media!

Talk about a disgusting topping! A pizza shop in north Texas was recently shut down after employees added a laxative to at least one pizza, multiple news outlets have reported.

According to a local CBS affiliate, the Springtown Police Department was alerted the evening of April 19 by a resident who said that an employee of Mr. Jim’s Pizza had posted on social media that they were adding Miralax to the food.

Police told CBS that investigators found three employees at Mr. Jim’s had added the laxative to at least one pizza, and that a fourth employee unknowingly ate the pie with the very unexpected ingredient and became sick. The workers told the officers that Miralax was not added to any food served to the restaurant’s customers.

Miralax is used to treat constipation. According to the drug’s website, using the laxative can cause “loose, watery, or more frequent stools.”

Per CBS, the restaurant’s health permit was pulled by inspectors, and the restaurant was immediately shut down Friday night. But by Tuesday, April 23, Mr. Jim’s was open and taking orders again. Police have not yet said if the three employees will face any charges.

Mr. Jim’s Pizza told The Huffington Post that the employees involved have been let go.