Bombshell Exclusives

The National ENQUIRER Makes Tabloid History With Flip-Over Cover

Watch the video featuring all the scandals exposed in our biggest issue yet!

America’s most-talked about magazine is overflowing with bombshell exclusives — as the new issue of The National ENQUIRER features a cover that has readers flipping for the world’s biggest stories!

Check out the video above to see how The ENQUIRER has created an unprecedented double-cover to showcase all the major stories crammed into the proud publication’s latest issue. It’s a tabloid first as The National ENQUIRER exposes the American churches serving as a haven for sex offenders, plus troubling new revelations about how John Gotti’s poisonous legacy is leading to a new mob war.

There’s also the tragic tale of how Queen Elizabeth has seen her beloved Buckingham Palace turned into a drug den, and the touching story of Sally Field’s sad farewell as Burt Reynolds is buried at sea.

The new ENQUIRER also has the latest on Carrie Underwood’s battle to protect her unborn child, the latest bombshell revelations about Natalie Wood’s mysterious final night, and the inside story about why Bill Cosby’s prison time can turn into a death sentence. Watch the video above for a first look at all the exclusives that required two covers to cover a single issue of The ENQUIRER!