She Was A 'Child'

Inside Monica Lewinsky & Clinton’s Controversial Affair – The Look That Started It All

'There was a mild flirtation going on' between them, said a source.

More on the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair that shook the nation has been revealed on Reelz’s latest episode Scandal Made Me Famous: Monica Lewinsky.

As The National Enquirer can reveal, the shocking clip, which features well-known journalists Steve Helling and Kathleen Parker, tells all on the early stages of Lewisnky and Clinton’s controversial romance – that ended in his impeachment.

Monica Lewisnky saw President Bill Clinton the day after she war hired as a White House intern, at his 49th birthday party in 1995.

“She had a bit of eye contact with him, a bit of teasing, an she blows him a kiss, and he turns his head back and laughs,” says Helling, People’s Senior Crime Reporter, in the clip.

“There was a mild flirtation going on between this feisty intern and the President of the United States,” he added.

“She was acting like a silly girl in love,” says Parker. She was “madly in love with this idea” of being with Clinton.

As Enquirer readers know, Bill Clinton was at the time already married with longtime wife Hillary Clinton. The two wed in 1975.

“In every picture she seems really happy to be near him, and very girly,” says Parker, she was just a “child.”

At the time before the affair took place, 22-year-old Lewinsky was reportedly reading a novel titled Passion & Betrayal, a biography by Gennifer Flowers, a nightclub singer who claimed to have had an affair with Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas.

She was intrigued –a and the rest is history.

Scandal Made Me Famous: Monica Lewinsky aired July 29at 9:00 ET/PT.