Graphic Video!

WATCH: Maid Falls Seven Stories As Cruel Employer Films Her Struggle

Woman sentenced to jail over disgusting footage!

This shocking video sparked outrage throughout the world — as an Ethiopian domestic worker in Kuwait begged her employer for help as she is about to fall from a 7th-floor window!

The sickening footage from March 2017 shows the maid hanging outside the building with one hand tightly gripping the window frame — screaming: “Hold me! Hold me!”

But instead of coming to her assistance, her cold-blooded employer kept filming the scene — only saying “Crazy!”

The woman is seen losing her grip, and plummeting to what should have been her certain death!

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Instead, the housekeeper’s life was spared as she brutally crashed into a metal awning, leaving her with a broken arm.

Some cruel viewers referred to the video as “The Fall of the Ethiopian,” but others condemned the “inhumanity” of the employer.

Now, reports the Stepfeed website, the employer has been sentenced to one year and eight months in jail for  “filming an individual without consent, and publishing a video of an individual without consent.”