Killer Spent Days ‘Stalking & Tormenting’ Dave Navarro’s Mom Before Double Murder

Serial burglar John Riccardi followed Connie everywhere after she broke his heart.

As a young teen, guitarist Dave Navarro was forced to mourn the sudden deaths of two of his loved ones: mom Connie Navarro and aunt Sue Jory. The innocent women were killed by Connie’s crazed ex, John Riccardi, who long before the double homicide showed scary signs of mental instability.

Now, REELZ’s new docuseries, Geraldo Rivera’s Murder In the Family: Dave Navarro is giving viewers an inside look at the troubled murderer’s horrific crime.

“After two years of dating, Connie Navarro ends her relationship with serial burglar, John Dean Riccardi, but what she does not know is that John Riccardi has no intention of letting her go,” Geraldo Rivera starts off in the show teaser.

“By February 1983, serial burglar John Dean Riccardi spends his days and nights stalking and tormenting Connie Navarro,” he continues.

Though there were some terrifying red flags coming from John in the days leading up to the homicides, Connie never thought their love feud would end in her death.

“He would break into her car and disconnect wires. And when she got into the car and it wouldn’t start, he would be standing there, hovering over her,” says Jon Leiberman, a former reporter at “America’s Most Wanted.”

After authorities found the two women’s dead bodies inside Connie’s home, it took nearly eight years for them to catch John, and even longer to sentence him to life in prison for the heinous murders.

“Connie was at dinner with some friends and Riccardi just showed up at this restaurant, at down at the table staring at Connie for like three to five minutes. Her friends were like ‘Hey, Dean, hi, what’s going on?’ He doesn’t talk, he just sits and stares at her, threateningly,” explains Donna Brant, a former producer at “America’s Most Wanted.”

“And Riccardi finally gets up, he makes a motion right at Connie’s head like he’s gonna shoot her. ‘I can kill you anytime I want, because you belong to me,’” concludes Brant.

On March of 1983, John Riccardi shot Connie Navarro and Sue Jory dead.

Geraldo Rivera’s Murder In the Family: Dave Navarro airs Saturday, December 8 at 9 ET/PT on REELZ.