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Dick Morris: Secret History Of Hillary’s Uranium Deal

How Vladimir Putin got the greedy Clintons to stock Russian nukes!

Dick Morris is the most feared voice in politics — and the former top strategist for Bill Clinton is documenting the new D.C. for The National ENQUIRER!

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In the video above, Dick follows up his bombshell report on how Vladmir Putin manipulated the greedy Clintons into selling U.S. uranium to Russia!

The longtime advisor to Hillary Clinton exposes how her corrupt husband was seduced into embracing a dictator to help fuel Putin’s master plan to get America to supply uranium for Russia’s nukes!

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Dick also reveals the role that former Attorney General Eric Holder played as Barack Obama’s administration sealed the deal — and exposes Robert Mueller’s own role in the scandal, even as Mueller works as Special Prosecutor investigating Donald Trump!

Watch the video above for secrets of how Bill and Hillary made deals with the Russians — and keep getting the inside story on the new D.C. in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!