Disturbing Video!

Stumblin’ Hillary: Candidate Trips While Boarding Plane — Again

Watch her sad struggle to ascend yet another staircase!

Boarding an airplane has now become a regular problem for Hillary Clinton — as a new recently leaked video shows the presidential candidate nearly falling while she trying to ascend a mobile staircase.

The Democratic nominee has been making headlines daily as she struggles to climb staircases and occasionally needs assistance to walk.

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Hillary was en route to a rally in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and did her best to get on the plane that would take her there, but couldn’t do it without a problem.
The video above shows Hillary stepping out of her van, holding an umbrella, and very carefully ascending the staircase to the plane.

As she walks up, Hillary can be seen tightly grasping onto the railing , looking down simultaneously.

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Taking each step as cautiously as possible, she then stumbles — early falling directly onto the stairs!

This latest stumble is another example of how her handlers may be covering up her real health issues.

Watch the video above!