Troubling Video!

WATCH: Camera Mysteriously Cuts Away As Hillary Descends Stairs

Was Clinton caught hiding more health issues during final debate?

Watch as a television camera at the final presidential debate of 2016 suspiciously cuts away from Hillary Clinton — just as she descends without the use of a railing!

While Donald Trump claims the 2016 election is rigged, some are wondering why the camera quickly went away from Clinton as she tried to descend the stairs.

If you watch the video above, you can see Hillary walk on the stage, wave, and then look down to slowly walk down the staircase — before the shot quickly changes to Trump!

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Hillary’s alleged health problems have made waves throughout the election. Recently she was shown to have trouble walking up a flight of stairs, needing assistance from her aides, and often having coughing fits.

In addition to the suspicious camera cut, Liberty News accused those in control of the debate cameras of “using soft, ‘angelic’ camera filters for Hillary Clinton’s side of the debate stage — while leaving Donald Trump’s image a cold white.”

Watch the video above to see for yourself!