Shock Video!

WATCH: Drunk Driver Runs Over Himself

Shameful night caught on cop's camera!

Determined to ditch the cops, an allegedly drunken man jumped out of his car — only to be hit by his still-moving vehicle!

This shocking video captures the bizarre incident around 1 a.m. on March 8, as police in Alexandria, Va., tried to pull over a car that appeared to have an equipment violation.

But after cops turned on their siren, they said driver Isaac C. Bonsu didn’t stop his vehicle.

Their chase, however, soon came to a screeching halt!

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“Our officers tried to pull a man over,” the department said in a Facebook post. “He sped off, then got out of his car to escape, but forgot to put it in park. Oops. He got hit by his own car.”

While idiotic Isaac continued running, cops nabbed him, unharmed, after a brief foot chase.

The suspect was “OK physically,” but faces a felony for a third-time DWI arrest.

Additional charges include hit-and-run, disregarding an officer’s signal to stop, driving with an open container, possession of marijuana, and having an illegal window tint!