Dan Aykroyd Says He Knew Director Harold’s ‘Reputation’ Before Doing ‘Ghostbusters’

Film became one of the era’s most successful comedies.

The 1983 film Ghostbusters turned out to be a Hollywood hit and an iconic American comedy, but behind the scenes, getting the project together was not so easy. REELZ’s new docuseries, Ghostbusters Behind Closed Doors, gives fans an inside look into the movie process.

“I said ‘I think we should bring Harold Ramis to work on the script with you, and myself,’ and you know, he was very open,” recalls Ivan Reitman, the film’s director and producer, of working with actor Dan Aykroyd.

“Had you worked with Harold at that point?” REELZ host Natalie Morales asks Aykroyd.


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“Not really, no,” he replies. “I just knew his reputation and of course when he said that I immediately said ‘Yes, absolutely, I get to work with him, that’s great.’”

“Dan was very selfless,” says “Live From New York” co-author James Andrew Miller. “This is not someone who is trying to keep all the great lines to themselves and make themselves the center of attention. Dan is the kind of person that’s going to not only want the project to be great, but there’s no narcissism involved.”

Ghostbusters Behind Closed Doors airs Sunday, June 2 at 9 ET / PT on REELZ.