Chevy Chase vs. Community in ‘Us Weekly’s Famous Feuds’: Watch

The series takes a closer look at the between Chevy Chase and the hit TV show

There certainly wasn’t any sense of community in this fallout. Us Weekly’s Famous Feuds is covering the conflict between comedian Chevy Chase and Community show creator/executive producer Dan Harmon in 2012.

It all started at the end of the third season of Community when the cast was finishing up scenes. Chase stormed off the set before shooting his last scene, which would have closed out the season finale. A Deadline report says that this was because the cast was suffering through a ‘non-script day’, which was common with Harmon.

Later at the wrap party, Harmon gave a “F— you, Chevy” speech in from of Chase, his wife and his daughter. Harmon also encouraged the crew to join in him in hateful speech. Chase immediately left the party.

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Not long after, Chase left a profane-laden voicemail to Harmon, which eventually leaked to the public. He addressed how he stormed off the set and what happened at the party.

Both Chase and Harmon didn’t return for the fourth season.