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Casey Anthony Punched Boyfriend

Monster mom ‘felt good’ hitting ex.

Monster mom Casey Anthony bragged about her violent tendencies and a string of boyfriends as she tossed back drinks with strangers at a Florida bar, according to our eyewitness.

Caylee Anthony Casey Anthony Punched Boyfriend

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Carefree Casey, 33, spends her afternoons downing booze and her evenings playing poker with her latest beau, a 25-year-old boytoy, who she claimed she is “training.” The notorious party girl — sensationally acquitted of the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee, in 2011 — is a regular at Backyard Bar near the home where she lives with her private eye pal, Pat McKenna.

Caylee Anthony Casey Anthony Punched Boyfriend

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While guzzling hard cider and beer, she gushed about her new man and recounted how she socked another beau after he snuck up on her while she was cooking dinner for his parents.

She told a National ENQUIRER spy: “He came from behind and grabbed me, and I was so surprised I turned and punched him in the face. It felt good, I hate to say.”

Caylee Anthony Casey Anthony Punched Boyfriend

National Enquirer

Anthony then vented about one of her exes, who she claimed started stalking her after she broke off the relationship. “The neighbors told me he would be parked in front of my house taking pictures,” she said, adding: “Tell your daughters never date a cop. My ex was a cop, my father was a cop. They’re no good!”

Anthony — who is estranged from mom Cindy and dad George, who was involved in a near-fatal car crash last November and injured his spine — also dished out disturbing dating advice, according to the source, telling a dad in the bar how to deal with a daughter’s boyfriends.

Referring to the iconic movie character, she told him: “You gotta get all Godfather on them. You got to sit them down and basically let them know that you will kill them if they hurt your daughter. “You should let them know if anything happens to your daughter, their mother is going to receive a body part in the mail — a finger or a piece of skin with a tattoo on it so she knows it’s her son.”

Caylee Anthony Casey Anthony Punched Boyfriend

National Enquirer

Anthony was slapped with four years in jail for lying to police after Caylee’s death in 2008, but served less than two weeks following her sentencing because the model prisoner was credited with time served and good behavior.

Since being sprung, the former jailbird attempted to become a photographer in 2016, but her business soon folded. She now claims to work as a researcher for McKenna.

Anthony did not respond to The ENQUIRER’s request to comment on this story.