Shocking Footage!

Young Beauties Die In Fatal Crash — Broadcast Live

Tragic final moments as laughing girls ignore the road!

This tragic footage captures the final moments of two women from the Czech Republic — who broadcast their joyride live on Facebook while racing to their death!

Nikol Barabasova can be seen holding a camera while her friend races along a road near the town of Obrnice in the Czech Republic.

The women are laughing and speeding while livestreaming the footage — with Nikol being heard to urge the driver to speed up.

Officials estimated that the Volkswagen Beetle was going 112 miles (180 km) per hour at the time of the crash.

Tragically, reported Obrnice residents, the selfie video also captures the laughing girls ignoring the road as they headed into a local turn that locals know to be extremely dangerous.

The camera captures the ladies’ deaths as the car goes veering off the road and into an anti-noise wall built along the turn.

Nikol can be heard at the end asking the driver (as translated): “Jesus, how fast are you driving? “