Shock Video!

WATCH: Fiery Suicide At Burning Man Festival

Camera catches horrific moment that reveler runs into the flames!

The annual Burning Man Festival was turned into a crime scene after Aaron Joel Mitchell ran into one of the event’s burning effigies on the night of Sept. 2 — as caught on tape!

The arts festival in Nevada regularly brings in a mixed crowd of curious tourists and drug-crazed revelers seeking a spiritual experience. But, as seen here, Mitchell turned the event into a horrific nightmare as he went running into a burning inferno — dodging people trying to stop him, and soon falling within the burning hulk!

The organizers cancelled smaller ‘burns” in the aftermath of the 41-year-old man’s shocking suicide, and added extra security for the other main burning events. A statement noted that Mitchell’s death was especially traumatic to “juveniles who are allowed to attend the festival, and may not have the same coping skills as adults do when they see something this tragic happen before their eyes.”