Andy Warhol Looked ‘Gaunt,’ Thinner Than Ever Days Before Sudden Death

New docuseries reveals the health issue that led the pop-artist to his early grave.

Five days before his death, Andy Warhol attended a runway show at New York CIty’s Tunnel Club. While he had always led a healthy lifestyle, friends noticed he had become incredibly skeletal in his final days, and was often spotted taking strong painkillers for his mysterious discomfort.

REELZ’ chilling new docuseries, Autopsy: Andy Warhol, reveals the tragic health issue that led pop-artist Andy Warhol to his early grave.

“The last time I saw him was at The Tunnel, at the fashion show,” said photographer and friend Christopher Makos, in the show teaser.

“He was hired as a model, and it was very cold and very drafty down there,” added pal Stuart Pivar.

According to Autopsy’s Dr. Michael Hunter, Warhol suffered from biliary colics. The pain stemming from the disease is often at its greatest after eating certain foods, so patients can experience decreased appetite. Warhol’s sudden weight loss suggest the condition had been affecting him for a number of weeks before his demise.

“He looked a little bit gaunt,” added Makos, recalling the last time he saw the icon. “He already was quite thin, and to see your friend thinner was disturbing.”

Autopsy: Andy Warhol airs Sunday, March 25 at 8:00 ET / PT on REELZ.