Zombie Bites Lover’s Nose Off!

True crime zombie ne short

A friendly gesture to a former flame led to a night of brutality and horror for a pretty South Carolina mother!

Michelle Messer, a 35-year-old mom of two, ran into her ex, Chris Campbell, at a friend’s birthday party last year in Charleston and stepped outside to chat.

She felt comfortable enough to get into his van, even though she knew Campbell was on parole for a 2013 murder charge.

Big mistake! She suddenly heard the click of the doors locking — and her enjoyable afternoon turned into a nightmare straight from a zombie film!

First, Campbell, 39, viciously attacked her, punching her until she passed out. Then, even more inexplicably, he savagely sank his teeth into her nose and chewed it off of her face! Michelle awoke to find herself drenched in her own blood — and her face viciously disfigured.

“He said, ‘I bit your nose off. I have to kill you,’” she recalled.

So Campbell attacked her again, but Michelle, still gushing blood, somehow fought him off and talked her way out of the deadly situation.

“The only reason I am not dead is because I, somehow, convinced him that I would not call the cops and managed to open the door and run and scream,” Michelle explained.

Strangers rushed to help the blood-soaked, barely alive Michelle.

She was taken to the hospital, where doctors worked feverishly to save her life.

Witnesses identified Campbell to police, who tasered the psychotic monster before he was arrested and booked for attempted murder. He is awaiting trial. Tragically, Michelle was left with a mangled stump for a nose!

Depressed and needing extensive — and expensive — reconstructive surgery to fix her nose, she was at a loss. Michelle stopped going to work and faced eviction from her home.

As a last resort, she contacted “The Doctors,” the daytime medical talk show produced by Dr. Phil.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Drew Ordon and Ritu Chopra decided to help Michelle for free after meeting with her. They planned three complex surgeries to rebuild her ravaged nose. 

“They did an amazing job — they changed my life and made it so I feel good about myself and confident,” she raved. She is only left with a tiny scar today.