Holy Smokes!

Cops Try To Shut Down Sex Club Posing As Church

Investigators find orgy in 'choir room!'

tsc church sex club complaint

A local government in Tennessee is seeking a permanent separation of Church  — and sex!

A formal complaint was filed to permanently close a controversial swingers club posing as a church located in a Nashville suburb.

Local zoning authorities said a permit had been issued to Freedom 4 All, Inc. to operate a church in the area, but it has been doubling as a sex club!

Two undercover city inspectors each paid $40 to enter “The Social Club” aka “TSC” —  where they observed numerous sex acts being performed inside!

They found rooms with beds and partial walls allowing for viewing and also noted orgies and sexual activity taking place throughout the building!

“They witnessed sex acts and other acts that indicated that the property was not being used as a church,” a city source stated.

TSC was a downtown swinger’s club as recent as two years ago, but when they decided to move operations to an another area the surrounding community swiftly appealed to the state legislature to pass a law preventing the sex club from opening there.

The owners then announced they would instead open a “members-only” church. They also promised no sex, and pledged to convert a planned “dungeon room” into a “choir room.”

The city started taking note of increased activity on the property late at night on weekends and looked into it.

The church’s website also contradicts the owner’s original intentions — stating no membership is required and that the church is open every Friday and Saturday night when it’s “time to get naughty!”

This violates the property owners’ permit to operate as a church, and maintains the “lewd conduct” “permitted and encouraged” by employees is a “public nuisance” and in violation of both state and city law.

A stop-work order was posted on the front door — stating the Company is prohibited from doing business here.

Local laws stipulate sex clubs are allowed in areas that are zoned for industrial use, but not within a thousand feet of a school or church. Goodpasture Christian School is located right next door to TSC.

The attorney for the club continues to maintain that the business is a church.