Pregnant Pause!

Women Claim Late Sperm Bank Owner Used Own Samples

Took DNA secrets to his grave!

sperm bank owner jan karbaat

The deceased owner of a Neatherlands sperm bank left his legacy — by using his own sperm in his unsuspecting clients!

Women who underwent IVF treatments at the medical center operated by the late Jan Karbaat, who recently passed away at age 89, are now demanding DNA tests for their children!

Karbaat, who ran the Bijdorp Clinic, reportedly told his clients he was obtaining “fresh seed” for insemination in an adjacent room where the procedures took place.

The women, who now feel they were “raped” have noticed as their children age have similar features to Karbaat — such as eye color — which does not match their official donors’ profiles!

One former client claims Karbaat even admitted his diabolical biology practice to her while boasting of his “good health and intelligence”, proclaiming it was “a noble thing to do!”

Karbaat’s family, said there was “not the slightest evidence” to support the women’s claims, though local authorities have seized one of Karbaat’s nasal trimmers and one of the last toothbrushes he used.

“I see at home how my son’s life has been affected. He was so angry when Karbaat died, and that he was taking this to his grave,” said a former client who has petitioned the courts for DNA testing. “It’s a fundamental right to know where you came from.”