Special Investigation: Virgin Killer’s Darkest Secrets


AS America continues to reel from “Virgin Killer” Elliot Rodger’s sense­less massacre, The ENQUIRER has learned that the deranged 22-year-old was hiding a shocking gay secret!

An exhaustive investigation reveals that the twisted college student seemed con­fused about his sexuality and was furious at women for taking handsome men away from him.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has also learned that Rodger – who slaughtered six innocent victims and wounded 13 others before killing himself in a horrific May 23 bloodbath – was abusing the powerful prescription drug Xanax in the days before the butchery in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Our investigation further discovered that Rodger had sick celebrity “crushes” on “Stars Wars” cre­ator George Lucas, “Hunger Games” stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrel­son, and pop singer Katy Perry. Rodger was also obsessed with winning the Powerball lottery, even driving from California to Arizona to buy tickets.

“Investigators are pulling together a comprehensive report on the twisted mind of this sick individual and what they’ve found so far is frightening,” a law enforcement source told The ENQUIRER.

Rodger confessed in a chilling 141-page manifesto and YouTube video that he was a virgin who had “never even kissed a girl” and that he planned to reap vengeance by “slaughtering women” at a so­rority. But sources believe he was hiding a gay secret.

“When I first listened to him, I thought, ‘Oh, he’s angry with women for rejecting him,’” said nation­ally renowned psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig.

“And then I started to have a different idea: Is this somebody who is trying to fight against his homosexual impulses? Was he angry with women because they were taking away men from him? Was he angry at the men for not choosing him?”

But Dr. Ludwig stressed that her remarks are “in NO way meant to indicate being a homosexual or having homosexual impulses is a cause for spree killing.”

Rodger, who allegedly had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome – the same type of autism as Sandy Hook Elementary School killer Adam Lanza – was also abusing the anti-anxiety medication Xanax in the days before the massacre.

“Elliot had been taking Xanax for a while, accord­ing to his parents,” said another law enforcement source. “There were fears he might have been ad­dicted to it, or taking more than was prescribed.”

While no one can say exactly what sparked his murderous outburst, Rodger was clearly plagued by twisted thoughts. In his manifesto, he blamed a “pretty blonde girl” that he reportedly had a crush on in middle school – now 20-year-old model Monette Moio – for the rage that led him to kill.

But Monette barely remembers him, and her fa­ther, Hollywood stuntman John Moio, said: “She was 10 years old for God’s sake! She hasn’t seen him since school.”

Our investigation also revealed that Rodger’s flashy BMW sedan and designer wardrobe hid the fact that his family was almost broke. According to documents from his parents’ divorce, Rodger’s father Peter – an assistant director on “The Hunger Games” – was deeply in debt. And his mother, Li Chin, earned just $40,000 a year as a research assistant for a film company. But his parents had wealthy friends, which allowed him to attend a private Katy Perry concert in 2012. His father’s “Hunger Games” job also got Rod­ger into the blockbuster film’s Los Angeles premiere and after-party in March 2012.

At the After-party, he was introduced to virtually every member of the movie’s all-star cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson. He’d also rubbed shoulders with “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, who dated his divorced mom, and heavyweight director Steven Spielberg, another friend of his mother.

He was also said to be fixated on “Hunger Games” actor Donald Sutherland, “American Psycho” star Christian Bale and the 2006 movie “Alpha Dog,” which featured Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Harry Dean Stanton, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis.

Rodger “apparently developed crushes on these celebrities – both male and female – even though he may have barely met them,” said the law enforce­ment source. “Authorities are trying to determine if Rodger had compiled a ‘Hollywood hit list’ be­cause of his twisted fantasies with celebrities. What’s clear is that he harbored extreme jealousy over their wealth, fame and riches. And he sickly carried out fantasies by watching Internet porn.”

Meanwhile, Rodger was obsessed with being rich, writing in his manifesto: “If only my damnable mother had married into wealth instead of being selfish.”

According to a source, he played California’s Mega Millions lottery whenever the jackpot rose above $100 million, and he drove to Arizona four times to buy Powerball lottery chances.

“He was dead certain he would win,” said the in­sider. “When he didn’t, he flipped out.”

As Rodger wrote in his manifesto: “Without the prospect of becoming wealthy at a young age, I had nothing to live for now.

“I was going to be a virgin outcast forever. I real­ized that I had to start planning and preparing for the Day of Retribution…”

But that “Day” may have never arrived if law en­forcement officials called to Rodger’s home had been more astute.

Weeks before the killings, Rodger’s mother con­tacted his therapist about his “bizarre” YouTube videos, and police were notified.

Four Santa Barbara sheriff ’s deputies, a University of California, Santa Barbara police officer and a dis­patcher-in-training arrived at Rodger’s apartment on April 30.

But Rodger convinced deputies “the videos were merely a way of expressing himself,” the sheriff ’s of­fice said in a statement released May 29.

Tragically, the deputies didn’t feel it was necessary to view Rodger’s videos or make a weapons check.

“They blew it,” said the law enforcement source. “If only they had looked at even one of his videos, they would have had to do something. The tragedy might have been prevented.”