Sociopath Bill Cosby Doesn’t See His Actions As Rape, Say Experts

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He's confessed to using date rape drugs to “seduce” helpless women – but top psychological experts have told The National ENQUIRER that Bill Cosby remains a “guiltless narcissist,” with the disgraced comic still in “sociopathic denial” about his sex crimes!

“I hate to use the word ‘psychopath,’” said Dr. Mark Goulston, who has not treated the alleged sex fiend, “but psychopaths do whatever they want – and feel their actions are above the law!”

The battery of experts consulted by The ENQUIRER all agree that Cosby’s actions are consistent with a wide range of deep and dangerous psychological disorders!

“He likely doesn’t see (his) actions as rape,” said Dr. Sanam Hafeez, who also hasn’t treated Cosby. “He has been exposed as a grandiose and narcissistic man who thinks he’s entitled to sleep with any woman he wants to. His ego will not allow him to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, many of the nearly 100 women who claimed they were molested by Cosby talked about how he enjoyed his control over the helpless victims after drugging them.

“He gloated over my humiliation,” said Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer. “He had planned it.”

That sick behavior is common among criminal predators, according to the experts.

“Men who commit these kinds of crimes use sex as a way to gain power and control over women,” said Dr. Rachel Needle, who also has not treated Cosby.

Though Cosby admitted in a 2005–2006 deposition that he used drugs on his victims, he rationalized the twisted act by describing his actions as “setting a romantic atmosphere.”

“He is grandiose, narcissistic and a sociopath,” said Dr. Hafeez. “He sees these women as conquests, and conveniently excludes the memory of what he had to do to ‘conquer’ them!”

The use of drugs also indicates a disturbing sense of inadequacy in the accused sex monster, added the experts.