NEW Documentary claims O.J. SIMPSON did NOT murder his wife but was the work of a serial killer! SEE VIDEO—warning: shocking content

The TV doc alleges the Juice did not slay ex-wife Nicole Brown and waiter pal Ron Goldman in the notorious 1994 double homicide, but places the blame on a serial killer named Glen Rogers.

Rogers is closely profiled in a new documentary by Investigation Discovery called My Brother The Serial Killer, which included interviews with family members, police and legal officials, the NY Post reports.

Rogers — who boasted to killing as many as 70 people — told family members that he'd partied with Nicole Simpson in the time before she died and boasted to pals that Nicole was wealthy and he was “going to take her down.”

Rogers, who was in the Southern California area at the time working a construction gig, was extremely familiar with the Brentwood, California crime scene and methodical details of how the killings occurred, the documentary claims.

Rogers claims he was working in concert with O.J. in the killings, as he'd hired him to rob Nicole of $20,000 earrings, telling him to kill “the b***h” if she got in the way.

Rogers' brother Clay, who speaks in the documentary, turned Glen into authorities after discovering the dead body of a man in the family's Hamilton, Minn. cabin. 

Glen was convicted of killing two women in 1995 and sent to death row, where he told a criminal profiler he was responsible for the deaths of Ron and Nicole.

In 2006 The ENQUIRER exposed Simpson’s attempt to shop a book called If I Did It, which was a macabre, hypothetical walk through of the double murder he claimed he "absolutely, 100 percent" didn't commit.