Convicted killer SCOTT PETERSON is mourning the death of his mother while on Death Row, San Quentin.

Jackie Peterson, who stood by her son during his bombshell trial, died earlier this month aged 70, multiple sources close to the family confirmed. She had been battling cancer.

“Jackie’s death has not been announced publicly,” the insider said. “The family does not want the notoriety that will come with it.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Jackie had battled respiratory problems for years and was on oxygen during her son’s murder trial.

Her husband, Scott’s father Lee, recently brought her home from the hospital so he could care for her in her dying days, the source said.

Peterson, 40, has been on death row for seven years since being convicted of killing his pregnant 27-year-old wife and their unborn son Conner on Christmas Eve 2002.

He pleaded not guilty to the murders and has never revealed what happened before he dumped Laci’s body in the waters of the San Francisco Bay. reported that Jackie was not able to visit her son behind bars before her death. He is currently appealing his conviction.

The ENQUIRER previously reported in Dec. 2012 that  a family friend who blamed Peterson’s mother’s health battle on her twisted son.

The friend told The ENQUIRER: “This is all Scott’s fault. Scott’s arrest took such a toll on Jackie’s health – it’s no wonder she’s so sick. This whole situation is literally killing her.”

And now, sadly, it has.