Quiet Town Poleaxed By Pistol-Packing Stripper!

True crime stripper ne short

A gun-toting stripper wreaked havoc in a peaceful Colorado neighborhood with a bizarre string of home invasions that included the brief, but terrifying, kidnapping of a small child.

Tori Jo Carlson, 22, will likely be trading in her stripper pole for prison bars after the mayhem she wrought upon the stunned citizens of Thornton.

The busty blonde is facing a raft of charges, including burglary, kidnapping and felony menacing after holding three people hostage at gunpoint in three separate incidents over the span of less than an hour!

“She pointed a gun at my chest, cussing and screaming that she was going to kill me,” said Thornton resident Melanie Clements.

Carlson’s short reign of terror is all the more perplexing given her lack of prior arrests — or any apparent motive for her crime wave.

Records show her last known address as Denver, about 10 miles from Thornton, and it’s not clear why she chose that suburban town.

“I have no comment,” relative Christopher Allan Carlson told The National ENQUIRER when asked for an explanation of his family member’s bizarre behavior.

Carlson’s crime spree on Oct. 12 began when she banged on the door of Dave Allis’ home and cried, “I need help!”

When he opened the door, Carlson pulled a gun on Dave, who said, “I backed into the house, closed the door and locked it.” He then called 911.

Minutes later, another neighbor, Gerad Bergrud, saw Carlson sashay into his home through the unlocked back door.

“She said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you,’” recalled Gerad, who added she was holding a gun in her hand.

That’s when he fled into another room and locked the door!

After that, Carlson snuck into a home two doors down through an open garage and held Melanie — and the 4-year-old she was babysitting — at gunpoint for 20 minutes.

“She kept cussing and yelling, ‘You know what I want, you know what I want,’” said Melanie.

While Melanie didn’t have a clue what the senseless stripper was seeking, she was somehow able to convince her to put down her weapon.

When Carlson received a phone call, she tried to leave the home with the boy, but Melanie wrestled him from the stripper’s arms, and pulled the frantic child to safety.

“When she got far enough around the corner, I grabbed him and ran back to my house and locked the door,” Melanie said.

Carlson was still in the neighborhood when police arrived and arrested her. Her bond is set at $50,000.