Prison Escapee Squawking Like A Canary

Prison escapee

The future looked grim for captured con David Sweat after he was shot in the chest and dragged back into police custody.

But it may be a lot worse for the Clinton Correctional Facility employees who allegedly helped him escape, especially if Sweat continues to sing like a canary!

“David Sweat will be a key witness against Gene Palmer and Joyce Mitchell,” a source exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

The pair purportedly provided Sweat and his accomplice, Richard Matt, with the tools that helped the convicted murderers tunnel to freedom in a “Shawshank Prison Break.”

Mitchell also allegedly repeatedly sexually serviced both Sweat, 35, and Matt, who was shot and killed on June 26.

Sweat has already revealed that he and his partner, who have received more than 1,000 fan letters, planned the spectacular bustout for six months, even executing a dry run the night before their escape on June 6.

Sweat even told cops that he dumped his “out-of-shape” partner after Matt, 49, stole a bottle of booze from a hunter’s cabin while they were on the run.

This gave authorities the DNA evidence that put them back on Matt’s trail.

It ended in a confrontation with the desperate con that resulted in the top of his head being brutally blown off by three shots fired by a border patrol agent.

Sweat’s admissions have led to the suspension of 12 employees, including Superintendent Steven Racette.

“Sweat’s concern is he doesn’t want to be locked up in solitary for the rest of his life,” said the source.

He is expected to be sent to New York’s notorious Sing Sing prison.

“He will be a very compelling witness, and will be bad news for Joyce’s case,” the source added.

The prison seamstress has admitted to helping the prisoners plan their escape while they worked in her shop, and even agreeing to be their getaway driver before getting cold feet.

She remains behind bars on $200,000 bond, while Palmer is free on $50,000 bail.

Both have pleaded not guilty for their alleged roles in the escape.

The source added: “Both must be terrified about what Sweat has to say!”