Real life “Psycho” NORMAN BATES in grisly murder-suicide case in Kentucky!

According to Pulaski County law enforcement, a deceased man kept his dead mother’s corpse in a freezer while cashing her Social Security checks keeping up the illusion she was still alive.

When the County Sheriff's Office began to investigate what exactly happened to Faye Whiteford, they suspected that her son Jon Whiteford dumped her body at an empty house and then killed himself.

But nope.

The Social Security Administration contacted Sheriff Todd Wood about the missing woman in February, and he began to investigate.

Especially after he learned that her son had retained control of her finances.

When cops finally located Whiteford, he claimed that the house he had been living with his mother had been repossessed.  He refused to tell investigators where his mother was.

Lt. Brett Whitaker of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department told local media that "Jon stored her in a freezer from 2011 until around Christmas of 2013 when he was forced to leave his home.”

Probing further the police pressed Whiteford for a follow-up interview.

On March 29 at the house next door to his repossessed home, he pulled out a pistol and killed himself in front of an astonished deputy.

It was then cops found the mother’s rotting corpse stuffed into a freezer.

Whiteford’s pal AL Fried told Lex 18-TV, "He just got himself into trouble, and once you do something like that, there is really no way out.

 "He couldn't face it and that's probably why he ended his life. He wasn't a bad person, it's just that he did one bad thing and from that one bad thing led to other bad things."