Spoiled Son Kills Parents For Blood Money!

Blood money short

A spoiled and selfish junkie gunned down his parents and dumped their bodies in the woods as part of a cold-blooded “perfect plan” to live a life of luxury with his girlfriend, police said.

But would-be mastermind Kyle Navin, 27, left behind a trail of text messages and damning physical evidence that exposed his savage murder plot, said investigators.

The chilling texts reveal Navin despised his father Jeffrey, calling him “a piece of crap” and “an infection.”

In an exchange with girlfriend Jennifer Valiante, Navin said he’d like to “wipe out the infection and get money for life” and added: “it’s the perfect plan!”

Navin also texted Valiante they could have “hundreds of thousands to buy my truck and you a new car and enjoy life taking vacations, having fun with friends no stress no contact ever again with bad people.”

Navin raged at his parents over money he claimed to be owed and the “disrespectful” way he was treated at work by his father, who owned a trash hauling company.

Court records revealed his mother Jeanette told a friend they were about to cut their wayward son out of their will — which Navin may have known about!

Texts from Aug. 3 show Navin complaining about his father — and galpal Valiante goading him on, prosecutors say.

“When you don’t go to work they are on the phone non-stop bitching at you,” said her text.

“So when they don’t pay you should be doing the same thing,”

The next day, Aug. 4, was the last day Jeffrey and Jeanette were seen alive, according to investigators.

Four days later, the couple were reported missing after they didn’t turn up for work.

When police searched Navin’s Bridgeport, Conn., home — which his parents helped him buy — they found a large piece of carpet missing from the basement, as well as bloodstains that matched the DNA of the father and son!

They also found 30 empty bottles of prescription oxycodone pills and more than 100 empty vials of heroin!

Amazingly, 10 days after Jeffrey and Jeanette disappeared, detectives searched Navin’s truck and discovered a bullet hole in the passenger side seat belt.

Tests showed DNA from a speck of blood near the hole belonged to Jeanette, cops said.

Kyle, arrested on Sept. 8 for possession of a firearm by a drug user, wasn’t helping the investigation. Police say he told different stories about his parents’ whereabouts.

But in late October, a tipster urged an investigator to search a vacant home in Weston, the town where Navin grew up.

Police found the remains of both parents in the backyard.

Jeanette was covered by a blue tarp in a pile of brush and leaves. Lawmen determined she’d been shot in the chest.

Jeffrey’s corpse was stuffed inside heavy plastic bags.

Prosecutors charged Navin with his parents’ murder. A judge set bail at $2.5 million, which he couldn’t raise.

His girlfriend was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and obstruction of justice.

Her lawyer, Elliot R. Warren, insisted she’s innocent.

“She was looking for Kyle’s parents as soon as she realized they were missing and trying to help find them,” he said.