Shocking Murder!

Kentucky Three-Year-Old Dies From Uncle’s Alleged Attack

Father heard him slit her throat over baby monitor!

kentucky child murder uncle baby monitor
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In an apparently senseless act that the local sheriff described “the most horrendous crime” he’s worked in his 15 years on the job, Kentucky 3-year-old Josephine Bulubenchi had her throat fatally slit — allegedly by her mom’s live-in brother!

Clinton County Police arrested her uncle, Emanuel Fluter, who had been living with the family of his sister, Simona Bulubenchi. Sheriff Jim Guffey also reported that four of Josephine’s eight siblings were in the room at the time of the attack.

Benjamin Bulubenchi, the child’s father and Simona’s husband, heard the child’s screams on a baby monitor and dashed into the room where he, too, was wounded by Fluter, according to Guffey.

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Authorities airlifted the child 120 miles north to University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington following the violent attack, which occurred Saturday evening, Dec. 8, but surgery could not save her. She died the next afternoon.

The National ENQUIRER has learned that Clinton County Police continue to probe for a motive in the shocking attack, and so far do not suspect it was drug-related. “He was not acting like he was on anything,” Guffey said.

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Fluter will face a murder count as well as a charge of first-degree assault and four counts of wanton endangerment. He was being held on an all-cash $500,000 bond and awaiting arraignment.

The Bulubenchi set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to transport Josephine’s remains to Michigan for funeral services.