Investigator in baffling JONBENET RAMSEY case offers new clues he hopes will sell his book.

 Former detective Jim Kolar says a cobweb seen on a videotape taken the day after the death — and a toy similar to one retrieved from the Boulder, Colorado home the child lived in — left him "convinced that there was no significant possibility that an intruder had been involved in the death of JonBenet."

Kolar told The Daily Beast there was a large, triangular cobweb in the window of the basement; he says that if an intruder tried to sneak through the window, it would have surely knocked away the web.

As for the toy, Kolar believes it's a direct link to two mysterious abrasions on the late child's back, disproving another theory that the marks came from a stun gun police had as evidence.

Kolar says exact measurements he took on the stun gun — in comparison to the marks — proves it wasn't the source of the abrasions, which he feels came from a piece of a toy like one retrieved in the basement.

Kolar makes the revelations in a new book he's written titled Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet Ramsey?

Kolar, who began working on the case in the spring of 2004, had full access to evidence such as interviews, forensic reports, grand-jury records, crime-scene photos and video in his investigation. (Info from all but the confidential grand-jury records are included in the book.)

Kolar claims he's put out the book to get "the truth out there" as the case in the December 1996 death remains open, reported.