While the jury deliberates her fate Twittering JODI ARIAS admits suicide versus accepting a plea deal and then goes on the attack!

Murder suspect Arias, via a friend tweeting on her behalf Monday night, admitted she’s contemplated suicide, would have accepted a plea deal “years ago,” and took a shot at venerable broadcast journalist Nancy Grace, RadarOnline reported

After jurors in the first-degree murder trial deliberated for their first full day on Monday, the 32-year-old, through her friend, sent out four tweets that read:

I would have signed a plea years ago to avoid this disaster, but I was refused a plea as the State and the family refused to settle.

I wanted so much to avoid trial but the State forced it. My only other option was suicide and,well…

Re: commissary,many of the items I didn’t receive were for indigent girls less fortunate than me. I,thankfully,have a mini surplus of food.

N. DisGrace has set back the cause of all women who have survived domestic violence. Her circus makes a mockery of something very serious.

TWITTER SCREEN GRABS: Jodi Arias Tweets About Contemplating Suicide

Meanwhile the jury is still out whether to send her condemn her to death in the brutal murder of Travis Alexander.