Jared Fogle Subway Pedophile Scandal: Underage Victim Tells All

Jared Fogle is about to have another bad week, as “Dr. Phil” hits the airwaves this week to expose more ways that the pedophile Subway pitchmen found his victims!

The 16-year-old, asking only to be called “Analissa,” is sitting down with Dr. Phil McGraw to reveal how Russell Taylor — former executive director of The Jared Foundation — began grooming her as a young girl.

The sexual predator, Analissa has revealed, “had me convinced that when I turned 16, I was going to have sex with him!” T

he vulnerable teen originally met Taylor while he was pretending to help people as a representative of The Jared Foundation — supposedly founded by Fogle to raise awareness about childhood obesity.

The director was arrested in April 2015 on charges of child exploitation, possession of child pornography and voyeurism charges.

Fogle immediately cut off ties to Taylor, but authorities soon unearthed the sick common interests that united the two perverts.

Meanwhile, the Jared Foundation was exposed as a fake charity that mainly served to fund the sick interests of the two men.

The ENQUIRER provided a first look when Dr. Phil brought on Rochelle Herman Walrond to provide disturbing insights to how she trapped Fogle to admitting his pedophilia in taped phone conversations.

This coming episode will provide even more disturbing details of how the perverted pair went about going after their underage prey!