Disturbing Video!

Hotel Hell — Los Angeles’ Lair For Psychos!

Bizarre location hosted two serial killers and even more monsters!

serial killers cecil hotel elevator video
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When it comes to scary places to spend the night, not even a loony lodge like the Bates Motel can compare to the Cecil Hotel!

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the legendary location — renamed as Stay on Main — is one of the city’s most haunted vacation spots!

Home to ghosts, maniacs and murderers, the joint hashoused two serial killers — Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez and Austrian writer Jack Unterweger!

It’s also where Canadian student Elisa Lam, 21, met her grisly end three years ago. Weeks after her check-in, guests began complaining about foul-tasting water and low water pressure.

When the rooftop tanks were examined, Elisa’s decomposing naked corpse was found!

The creepiest part of Elisa’s tale is elevator security footage showing her talking to an unseen person, haphazardly pressing buttons, and making bizarre hand gestures that have her seeming possessed!

How Elisa got onto the roof and drowned in the water tank remains a mystery. Watch the disturbing surveillance video from the hotel here…