EVIL call girl Alix Tichelman was obsessed with TV serial killer “Dexter” and may have targeted actor Michael C. Hall as her next sexual conquest – and possibly even her next victim!

That’s the bombshell theory being probed by cops who fear the raven-haired hooker, 26, may have copied the grisly deeds of Hall’s Showtime series vigilante to feed her own sick serial killer fantasies.

The gorgeous model faces manslaughter charges after allegedly injecting Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51, with heroin.

She then coldly left him to die as she sipped a glass of wine and gathered her belongings on his luxury yacht in Santa Cruz, Calif., last November, police believe. Detectives are also investigating the sudden death of Dean Riopelle, 53, two months earlier.

The Atlanta, Ga., nightclub owner collapsed and died from a heroin overdose – while Tichelman, who claimed to be his girlfriend, was with him.

The National ENQUIRER has learned investigators have seized Tichelman’s computer and phone, and are checking her data records for suspicious deaths.

Sinister entries in Tichelman’s social media accounts triggered alarm over a possible series of murders, authorities say.

“It’s really nice to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood,” read a June 28 post on her Facebook page, which was deleted after her arrest.

Her number one TV show was “Dexter,” which aired for eight seasons.

“Tichelman is infatuated with the show ‘Dexter’ and with the actor, Michael C. Hall, who played him,” a police source told The ENQUIRER. “Who knows what would have happened if she’d actually met him?

“One working police theory is she targeted Hall as her next sexual conquest – and possibly even her next victim.”

Police have no immediate plans to contact Hall, but they are reaching out to Tichelman’s “clients” listed on the dating website “Seeking Arrangement,” where she met Hayes.