Homeland Security nabs TYRANNOSAURUS REX bones after bitter battle!

The dinosaur skeleton will remanded in custody of U.S. authorities from Heritage Auctions after a nasty legal war in which Mongolia said the lost world antiquity belonged to them and was stolen.

T-Rex is now slated to return home to the Asian province in which it was first unearthed, pending appeals.

Federal authorities say five experts viewed the skeleton, and agreed that the skeleton was a “Tyrannosaurus bataar” originating from the Nemegt Basin in Mongolia.

Heritage Auctions Jim Halperin said the Jurassic terror’s current custodian will release the skeletal remains to the Department of Homeland Security after he made sure it will be properly and carefully transported and stored by the feds in a secure, climate-controlled and fully insured storage facility.

The auction house told feds that a consignor had bought the fossilized behemoth in “good faith’ and had spent more than a year restoring it to a menacing life-like pose.

After a buyer agreed to pay more than $1 million for the T-Rex, a Manhattan federal judge ordered the transfer to U.S. custody.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Luis Martinez said the terrible lizard’s bones will be boxed and stored in a high-security government warehouse.

“We do not release the name or address of the storage site because we keep other priceless antiquities at this location,” Homeland Security’s Martinez said.

The Ark of Covenant, perhaps?