25 years ago, LYLE & ERIK MENENDEZ executed their parents in a cold-blooded, shotgun murder that stunned America. Today, after living most of his life behind bars, Lyle has turned to men to escape his loneliness, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

In an amazingly candid ENQUIRER interview, former inmate Eugene L. Weems ripped the lid off 46-year-old Lyle’s secret life – which shocked the killer’s wife of eleven years, Rebecca Sneed.

“Behind these prison walls he was considered a coward – and a rich gay boy,” disclosed Weems.

“One thing’s for sure, his college education didn’t prepare him for life in prison.” Lyle is serving a life sentence for the gruesome crime he committed with his brother on Aug. 20, 1989.

“I wasn’t impressed by the senseless crime he was convicted of, which made him famous,” said Weems.

Lyle wanted to collaborate on writing projects with Weems, who had already published several books while serving a 20-year sentence, including “Bound By Loyalty.” with rapper Master P’s brother, C-Murder, who is serving a life sentence for the 2002 murder of a 16-year-old fan.“Lyle suggested I should also speak with his lover about participating in a book for at-risk youth,” the convict-turned-author told The ENQUIRER.

“What do you mean ‘your lover?’” Weems asked him. “He noticed the confused expression on my face, and before I could inquire into what he just said, he quickly corrected himself and said, ‘You might want to talk to my celly (cell mate).”

But it was too late – Lyle had revealed his gay secret.

Weems described Lyle’s boyfriend at California’s Mule Creek State Prison as an ex-gang member named Chino – a 5-foot-8 handsome Hispanic man with an athletic build.

“One day I looked in Lyle’s cell, I was shocked to see him lying in a bunk, hugged up with Chino,” said Weems.

“He quickly hopped up once he saw me standing at his cell door. He began apologizing to me and asked me not to say anything about what I had seen.” He added that Lyle bribed him to keep quiet with gifts from the prison canteen. But Weems went ahead and made a decision that wrecked their friendship.

He published a book about Lyle, “Prison Secrets: The Untold Truths About One of America’s Most Notorious Murderers.” The two had a falling out, 
and he says Lyle’s wife, an editor turned lawyer who married the killer in a prison-authorized ceremony, lost it completely.

“His wife was hysterical – she didn’t know he was gay,” claimed Weems. “She was talking about divorcing him, and he told her I was lying.”

Afterward, Weems says he received a mysterious note addressed to him that made it clear his life was in danger, and the animosity grew so intense that Lyle requested to be moved to a different unit.

Lyle also turned to desperate measures to launch a cover-up, said Weems. “He wanted to pay me to recant the book. He wanted me to make 
a public announcement – to lie and say the allegations were not true. But they are true!”