IN a bombshell exclusive that blows the lid off the infamous O.J. SIMPSON murder case, The ENQUIRER has discovered shocking new evi­dence that the football legend was captured on videotape killing his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman!

A terrified eyewitness, who watched in horror, says he taped the vicious slaughter and was so shaken by what happened he went into hiding.

NOW, 18 Years after the murders that shook America, has the witness come forward with the explosive evidence.

Drifter Glen Rogers, who recorded the mayhem outside Nicole’s home in Brent­wood, Calif., turned out to be a cowardly killer himself and was later convicted of two murders and linked to others. He kept the video secret because he feared O.J. would either hunt him down or hire someone to kill him. And when he landed on Florida’s death row, a source says he still feared O.J. could have him killed even if he was in prison. But after a recent TV documentary raised the possibility that he was the one who killed Nicole and Ron, he became determined to set the record straight. He’s accepted the fact that he’ll be put to death for his crimes, and if it means getting shanked by an associate of O.J.’s for talking about the video, it doesn’t matter. He knows he’ll die there one way or another.

Rogers, 50, says he taped both victims desperately fighting for life against O.J.’s crazed onslaught – and. Rogers, who was hired to paint Nicole’s condo, says he was at the murder scene because a jealous O.J. paid him to spy on his ex-wife and report about any men visit­ing her. He adds that he was shocked to his core by what he witnessed – and taped – on the fateful night of June 12, 1994.

“It was well after dark, and I was hiding in the bushes not far from the walkway to Nicole’s condo,” Rogers told an insider.

Besides getting money from O.J. for watching Nicole, he figured he could blackmail her for some cash if he could capture her on tape bringing a man into her home – something she would no doubt be desperate to hide from her volatile ex-husband.

The insider said: “Glen told me, ‘Nicole was terrified that O.J. would find out about any of her male friends coming to visit because he’d suspect they could be lovers. She complained Simpson was stalking her, and I saw an opportunity. I was ready with a video camera to catch whoever showed up. I never expected I would get a brutal murder on tape.’

“As Glen waited near her home, he saw Nicole come out her front door barefoot and wearing a black dress. Suddenly, a man dressed in a dark jogging suit with a dark blue ski mask and gloves showed up.

“Almost immediately, there was a scuffle, and that’s when Glen hit the record button.

“Glen says Nicole desperately fought back, at first trying to scratch the man’s eyes out. He caught the attacker on video forcing her to the ground as she flailed her arms, wildly trying to hit him. At that point, she pulled off the ski

mask and Glen says he was shocked to see that it was O.J. Simpson.

“Glen remembers O.J. shouting, ‘I’m gonna fix you, bitch,’ as he raised a long-bladed knife and stabbed her repeatedly. Then he cut her throat with a vicious slashing motion.

“The video also shows when Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman showed up to return a pair of eye­glasses that had been left in the restaurant where he worked, and O.J. stabbing him to death, too. But from where Glen was positioned, he only got a few seconds of footage of Ron being attacked and the video was out of focus.”

As he taped the bloody footage, Glen was overcome by fear that he would be implicated in the horrific crime, according to the insider. He was also afraid that jealousy-crazed O.J. would discover that Glen was having his own fling with Nicole.

“After what Glen saw, he was anxious to clear out of the area,” revealed the insider.

Glen claims he eventually hid the video in a secret location as he made his way back to his Hamilton, Ohio, hometown – and that the incriminating tape is still where he stashed it.

Authorities believe Rogers’ own killing spree be­gan in the early ’90s. After being convicted of two murders and suspected in three others, he was locked up on death row.

Now with new controversy swirling around the O.J. murders, he has opened up about his sensa­tional video.

Investigation Discovery, a cable TV show, recently aired a documentary on Glen Rogers’ life story. On the show, family members made the unlikely claim that Glen was the one who actually killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Rogers, a petty criminal already under suspicion for the murder of elderly family friend Mark Peters, had met Nicole in the weeks before her murder.

“Glen’s relationship with the beauty began when he was hired to paint the exterior of her Brentwood condo,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

Although he’d been divorced from Nicole for two years, Simpson was still obsessed with her. “He was terribly jealous and was stalking her,” revealed a close source.

“When O.J. dropped by Nicole’s one day to see their kids, he spotted Glen working as a painter.”

O.J. eyed him suspiciously but didn’t think Nicole would stoop to having an affair with a house painter, so he didn’t pay much attention. But Glen and Nicole soon began hanging out in bars and enjoying a casual sexual relationship, according to the source.

“Glen was still working in the area and says that O.J. approached and asked, ‘Would you mind keeping an eye out? My ex is hanging out with some bad people and I need a heads-up.’ He said O.J. slipped him a fifty-dollar bill, and he replied, ‘Cool man, I will.’

“O.J. told Glen, ‘Good. My wife’s a whore and I need to know what’s going on in order to protect my kids.’ That’s when Glen got the idea to videotape whoever came to Nicole’s place.”

On the night of June 12, it all came to a bloody climax.

“Glen said he was hiding on Nicole’s property to record what happened,” said the source. “He also planned to steal her jewelry before leaving.”

The painter was in the back alley when he heard someone coming down the front walkway, accord­ing to the source.

“Glen said, ‘I had the camera in my bag so I thought I’d hide in the bushes and start taping – not knowing it was going to be a video of two murders!’”

In the Investigation Discovery documentary, Glen’s brother Clay and his sister Sue both claim the serial killer has confessed many times to kill­ing Nicole and Ron. But at least one family member remains adamant that Glen had nothing to do with the slaughter.

“There’s NO DOUBT in my mind that Glen did not commit the murders of Nicole and Ron,” Glen’s former sister-in-law, Paula Rogers, declared in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview. “Clay and Sue should both be ashamed of themselves because they know Glen did not kill Nicole and Ron.

“Me and my ex-husband Gary (Glen’s brother) used to visit Glen in prison, and we’ve discussed the Simpson case with him in great detail. He always claimed his innocence even though he’s confessed to us other murders he committed.”

She adds that after O.J. was acquitted of the murders but awaiting his civil trial, two of his attorneys went to visit Glen in a Kentucky prison and asked him to sign a statement attesting that he killed Nicole and Ron.

“But Glen refused to sign the document,” Paula stressed.

“He was furious that O.J.’s defense team was trying to pin the murder on him. But he didn’t turn over the tape because he was worried about his own safety.”

Meanwhile, O.J., now serving up to 33 years in prison on unrelated charges, also watched the controversial TV documentary, according to the source, who adds: “He thought the whole thing was B.S.!”