Ex LIBERACE lover SCOTT “Behind the Candelabra” THORSON was sentenced to 8-12 years in prison, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

Thorson,  whose real name is Jess Marlow, was  originally given a suspended prison sentence and sentenced to probation last June on a burglary conviction  was told by the judge at the time if he messed up he would be sent to prison. 

So it looks like the judge made good on his word and sent the author of ‘Behind the Candelabra’ away for some hard time after being picked up on a parole violation last November.

Dennis Hof, who originally bailed Thorson out of jail and is owner of the famous Bunny Ranch,  was in the courtroom for the sentencing told the ENQUIRER exclusively, “The judge gave him a virtual death sentence today.  He has colon cancer and it’s rapidly advancing.   There is a good chance he won’t make it out of prison alive.   Scott is his own worst enemy.  He is responsible for his actions, but I don’t think the sentence fit the crime.  

“To get 8-12 years for what he did just isn’t right.   He has an addiction problem and needs constant supervision to beat his problem.  But I will never give up on him, I guess I know where I will be spending part of my weekends, visiting him in prison.  I hope that he makes it out alive.”