MONSTER mom SUSAN SMITH was found in a pool of blood after slashing her wrists with a razor behind prison walls nearly killing herself in a bizarre “cutting” ritual.

“Susan says she cuts herself because ‘it releases all my pain,’” former fellow prisoner Stephanie Hulsey told The ENQUIRER.

The 40-year-old mother from hell is serving a life sentence for a crime that shocked the world. In 1994, she strapped her sons Michael, 3, and 14-month-old Alex in their car seats and sent them to a watery grave by roll­ing her car into a lake near her Union, S.C., home.

Her motive: The sweet-faced boys had become a stumbling block to her affair with a wealthy local man.

Smith continued her no­torious ways behind bars by having sex with two guards and was transferred to Leath Correctional Insti­tution. Since then, sources say she’s become a “cutter.”

“Susan has terrible raised scars on her wrists, maybe 15 of them, some three inches long,” revealed Stephanie, a 32-year-old mother of three who befriended the killer before being released from Leath on Aug. 31.

Stephanie says she still has night­mares about Smith’s bloody brush with death.

“She had been caught with some prescription pills and was locked in a room, waiting to be sent to solitary,” recalled the former inmate.

“A friend and I knew she was a cutter, and we were worried she might harm herself because she was so depressed. We decided to check on her.

“The room was locked, but we could see her inside – sitting on the floor and slashing deeply at her wrists with a razor she snuck in with her. There was blood spurting everywhere and she was weeping, but she wasn’t cry­ing out in pain. She used to say, ‘You don’t feel pain when you cut. Cutting takes all the pain away.’

“We ran to tell a guard, and Susan was rushed to a hospital. They saved her life and then sent her to solitary for 60 days. The cutting incident almost killed her.”

The murderous mom never thanked Stephanie verbally but quietly put $150 in her prison account.

In yet another bizarre twist, Smith is having a torrid lesbian affair even as she plans to marry a wealthy male suitor if she’s paroled.

“Her lover is a big woman who looks like a man and is serving life for armed bank robbery,” said Stephanie, who served nearly four years for bur­glary and receiving stolen goods.

“As for the man in her life, she met him through a personal ad she placed on a website. I’ve seen him visiting her. He’s in his 40s and has red hair.

“Over the years, he’s sent her thou­sands of dollars, and he paid a $1,500 bill for her hospital stay after the cut­ting incident.

“Susan told us, ‘If I ever get parole, I’m going to marry the guy.’”

The vicious felon, who never talks about her dead boys, will be eligible for parole in 2024 after serving 30 years.

Meanwhile, the once shapely killer now weighs a hefty 180 pounds, said Stephanie, adding: “But she’s still got very pretty legs, and she’s proud of them.”