COMPUTER guru JOHN MCAFEE is a drug-and sex-crazed gun nut obsessed with discovering female Viagra!

That’s how sources in Belize – where authorities believe McAfee’s bizarre behav­ior led to a brutal murder – describe the eccentric 67-year-old dot-com millionaire, who went into hid­ing.

And a Harvard scientist hired by McAfee to do research at his lush compound in the Caribbean paradise opened up exclusively to The ENQUIRER about his deranged lifestyle.

“I’ve seen violence, guns, drug use and truly crazy stuff with John McAfee,” Dr. Allison Adonizio, a re­search biologist, told The ENQUIRER.

“He had a whole garbage bag filled with Viagra and other prescription drugs. He is not a stable guy!”

According to Adonzio, McAfee – who made a fortune from the computer antivirus software that bears his name – initially hired her to conduct revo­lutionary research on developing antibiotics derived from jungle plants. But then he demanded that she refocus her efforts on developing a drug to boost a woman’s sex drive – like a female Viagra!

After two years of working for McAfee on the tropi­cal island of Ambergris Caye, Adonizio decided that she wanted to leave. When she told him her plan, she says McAfee flipped out and “lunged” at her. Terri­fied, she locked herself in a room and later fled the island.

“My life was in danger there,” Adonizio said. “To tell the truth, I was lucky to escape alive.”

But the bearded and heavily tattooed McAfee has long been known for violent be­havior and sexual experimentation, sources say.

At the Silicon Valley headquarters of his antivirus company, employees allegedly competed to have sex in his office. He also hired pagans to beat drums on the lawn at lunchtime.

The software entrepreneur was worth $100 million in 1994 after the sale of his company. He then dab­bled in a string of other businesses, including a yoga retreat, ATV and motorcycle racing, a high-speed ferry company, a rickshaw com­pany and a water sports facility. McAfee also wrote a yoga book, dated a teenage girl and promoted an extreme sport called “aerotrek­king,” which involved flying a micro-light aircraft with an open cockpit.

After an aerotrekker died in a crash and a wrongful death lawsuit threatened to eat up his fortune, McAfee took off in 2008. He set­tled into a plush retreat in the San Pedro area of Ambergris Caye just off the coast of Belize and sur­rounded himself with bodyguards, women and an arsenal of guns, sources say.

He began promoting “observational yoga,” in which he claimed that people would benefit from sitting in a chair and watching others do yoga – for $200 a month. McAfee also bred and trained attack dogs, authorities say. A sign posted on the fence surrounding his beachfront pool reads, “Never mind the dog, beware of owner,” and shows a hand grip­ping a large pistol.

He also claimed to have a personal “harem” of at least seven women, and he carried on a long-running feud with neighbor Gregory Viant Faull, a Florida restaurateur and builder.

Authorities suspected McAfee was operating a meth lab and raided his compound in May. They found no meth but confiscated eight shotguns and two pistols. McAfee was jailed briefly before being re­leased. Meanwhile, his feud with Faull escalated. His neighbor complained to police when one of McAfee’s dogs attacked a tourist, and then McAfee told po­lice someone poisoned four of his dogs. Shortly after that, Faull was found killed execution-style in his home.

“Faull was shot once in the head, either on Nov. 10 or 11,” a source in Belize told The ENQUIRER. “He was found by his housekeeper with a 9mm cartridge cas­ing by his body.”

After Faull’s murder, McAfee claimed he initially hid from police by burying himself in the sand and covering his head with a cardboard box. Then he fled into the jungle with a 17-year-old girlfriend.

While on the run, McAfee has kept in touch with various news media, claiming he’s disguised and holed up in a lice-infested refuge. He insists a corrupt Belize government is out to get him, and that he – not Faull – was the intended murder target, but someone “killed the wrong white man.”

In one interview, McAfee said: “Certainly he (Faull) was not my favorite person and I was not his. He was a heavy drinker and an annoyance. But the world is full of annoyances – if we killed all of our annoyances, there would be nobody left.”

Dan Barrow, the prime minister of Belize, has called McAfee “extremely paranoid – even bonkers.”

Authorities say they simply want to question McAfee about Faull’s murder. “There was a conflict between Faull and McAfee regarding his dogs,” Raphael Martinez, spokes­man for the Belize National Police, told The ENQUIRER.

“Then Faull was found dead, and we have no idea where McAfee is. We don’t want to kill him. We simply want him to come in and answer some questions. That’s all.”

But off the record, our local source says authorities believe McAfee mur­dered Faull.

“For now, police are identifying McAfee as a ‘person of interest,’” said the source in Belize. “But, frankly, they believe he killed Faull after their long-running battle boiled over in a drug-laced argument.”

In the meantime, two of Faull’s em­ployees have been arrested, charged with possessing unlicensed firearms, said the source.

And while McAfee was on the run, the mayor of San Pedro believed he would eventually surface.

“I have a feeling this guy will turn up,” said Daniel Guerrero, who’s also a tour guide and real estate broker. “But he’ll turn up with his attorneys. He’s a big guy.”