Exclusive! “I Helped O.J. Kill Nicole & Ron!”

Death row serial killer’s stunning confession that he was O.J. SIMPSON’s accomplice in grisly double murder that shocked the world!

A convicted murderer claims he was an accomplice to the brutal homicides of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman – and now 20 years after the savage double slaying on June 12, 1994, he’s stepped forward to describe the grisly events of that horrific night.

Insiders tell The National ENQUIRER that serial killer Glen Rogers, who is awaiting execution on Florida’s death row, has confessed to joining Simpson in the bloodbath, and wanted to set the record straight before he dies by lethal injection.

“Glen Rogers has described in chilling detail what happened at Nicole’s condo that night,” said one source. “He told me, ‘I helped O.J. kill Nicole and Ron.’”

Rogers, a petty criminal from Hamilton, Ohio, was drifting around the country and landed a job with the Galvin Painting Company in California in the summer of 1994. At the time he was using the name of James Peters, insiders said.

Rogers says one of his first jobs was to paint the exterior of Nicole’s condominium at 875 Bundy Drive, said an insider. Rogers claims that he met Simpson when he dropped by the condo, and chatted with the former football player several times, sources say.

“On one occasion, O.J. told Glen that he’d given Nicole a pair of diamond earrings worth about $30,000, and he wanted them back,” said the insider. “He asked Glen to steal the earrings for him. Glen claims O.J. told him, ‘If she puts up a fight, kill her.’”

On the night of the murders, Rogers claimed he was casing out Nicole’s condo when he overheard Nicole and O.J. screaming at each other, claimed the source.

“Glen says he ducked into some bushes and saw Nicole holding a kitchen knife,” said the insider. “O.J. got angrier and angrier. Finally, he grabbed Nicole and struck at her with a knife he’d concealed. Glen says watching them fired up his blood lust. He pulled his knife out of his boot, rushed in and stabbed Nicole himself,” added the source.

Moments later, Rogers said he heard someone rushing up the front walk, said the source. It was Ron Goldman, the young waiter who was returning a pair of eyeglasses.

“Glen said O.J. lunged at Goldman, and stabbed him repeatedly,” revealed the insider. “But Goldman was stronger than O.J., and Glen jumped in to help subdue the young man as O.J. slashed at him.”

When the massacre was over, Rogers said Simpson walked away and crept out through an alley, said the insider.

“Glen told me, ‘It wasn’t planned. But I helped O.J. kill Nicole and Ron,’” the source said.

Authorities believe Rogers’ own killing spree began in the early ’90s. After being convicted of two murders and suspected in three others, he was locked up on Florida’s death row.

Meanwhile, Rogers’ brother has told interviewers that Glen left a message on his answering machine in early June of 1994, saying he was partying in a Hollywood bar with O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife.

“Glen said, ‘This lady is loaded and I’m going to take her down,’” according to Clay Rogers.

Despite that, “both Nicole’s and Ron’s families believe O.J. acted alone in the murders,” said another source. “But the fact that Rogers was painting Nicole’s condo before the murders and the style of the killings does give you pause for thought.”