Evil, Twisted Lies Of Microwave Murder Mom

Microwave mom short

Here’s hoping there’s a special spot in eternal damnation for this mom from hell!

A California mother of four was found guilty of murdering her daughter after placing the 1-month-old in a microwave oven — cooking the defenseless little girl.

Prosecutors in Sacramento slammed Ka Yang as a monster for placing her daughter Mirabelle in her microwave between two and five minutes in 2011.

Yang’s lawyer, Linda Parisi, tried to convince the court Yang had no idea what she was doing before ending Mirabelle’s short life.

Linda added her client suffered from epileptic seizures and had slipped into postictal state, an altered mental condition during which she could become violent and unaware of her actions.

One psychiatrist contacted by The National ENQUIRER confirmed there might be a link between seizures and postictal states.

“They are often marked by confusion, delirium and even violence. Obviously, this would have to be an acute attack,” said the doctor.

But prosecutors countered Linda’s defense with evidence that Yang, 34, had lied about how Mirabelle seared her skin on 60 percent of her body.

Yang first told investigators she blacked out while working on the computer with Mirabelle in her arms.

Then she said she woke up on the ground with the baby’s scorched, lifeless body next to a space heater.

Cops noted the baby’s skin was charred, while her hair and pajamas were in perfect condition.

Yang later admitted she had lied and said she might have a split personality.

Fortunately, there was no split decision in the jury room.