Spoiled ‘Affluenza’ Teen Killer Caught With Mommy In Mexico — At A Resort Town!

Ethan couch caught in mexico sq

The rich Texas teen who got off lightly on a fatal DUI has been caught in Mexico after fleeing the country with his mom!

And spoiled brat Ethan Couch couldn't even be inconvenienced while running from the law — with authorities catching the creep hiding out in the post resort town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

"That was barely one step up from hiding under his bed at home," a laughing law enforcement insider told The ENQUIRER.

"The place is just across the border from Mexico, and is teeming with American tourists out to party this time of year!

"He tried to hide out in a vacation spot!"

The ENQUIRER reported earlier on how Couch, 18, had disappeared from his Texas home with his mom after footage surfaced of him allegedly enjoying a game of beer pong.

That would have violated the parole that he was put on as a 16-year-old — after a judge slapped the drunk driver on the wrist for a DUI crash in 2013 that killed four people and injured nine others.

Couch's attorneys had put a psychologist on the stand who persuaded the judge that Couch suffered from "affluenza," and had been spoiled so much as a rich kid that he could no longer distinguish between right and wrong.

A warrant had been issued for the teen after his parole officer couldn't contact him after the beer pong video had gone public.

As seen in the pic above taken by Mexican authorities, Couch (or his mother) had dyed his reddish hair brown and managed to hide away during the holidays.

"He and his mom were arrested Monday evening," the law enforcement insider told The ENQUIRER.

"That was only a matter of time, especially with Americans flooding into the place for New Year's Eve celebrations!"

The insider added that no decisions have been made yet about Ethan's mother, Tonya Couch, being charged for helping to get her son across the border.