Rich Brat On The Run Ruined By Cheap Fast Food

A yen for cheap pizza cooked the goose of the “Affluenza Teen” when investigators traced the phone used to place the order — but justice is still on hold because the cold-hearted fugitive has managed to delay his delivery back to the USA.

Spoiled Ethan Couch, 18, won a three-day court injunction today that staves off his scheduled deportation to Houston, according to Mexico’s Migration Institute. He and his mother, Tonya Couch, 48, remain in custody in Guadalajara.

According to Mexican police, one of the Couches’ cell phones was used to order a delivery from Domino’s Pizza to a condominium in Puerto Vallarta that was far from the glitzy resorts usually frequented by American tourists.

Agents from the prosecutors’ office set up surveillance in the neighborhood, and detectives questioned two suspects who showed an “evasive attitude,” and failed to provide proof of their legal migratory status in Mexico. They were turned over to immigration officials.

Entitled Ethan had dyed his hair black and could not speak Spanish, so he still stuck out in a neighborhood primarily inhabited by locals.

It is unclear what charges the bratty teen will face once he is back in the country, but it is clear that fleeing to Mexico violated the 10-year probation his was given after his 2013 drunken driving crash killed four people. A defense expert claimed during the trial that poor little Ethan’s rich family gave him everything he wanted and failed to teach him that actions have consequences — coining the term “affluenza,” meaning a syndrome that leads rich kids to believe money solves everything. That “diagnosis” is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

The argument apparently worked on the judge, who let Ethan off with 10 years of probation and some therapy instead of a harsh prison term.