Summer Of Terror!

D.C. Sniper May Be Set Free

Legal loophole could send shooter back on the street!

d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo
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Lee Boyd Malvo, the infamous “D.C. Sniper” who killed 10 people in cold blood from the trunk of a car, is poised to be released this summer — sparking fears he’ll turn America’s roads into Highways to Hell!

Chillingly, legal expert Peter Gleason warns Malvo may revert back to his murderous ways once he’s out by means of a legal loophole.

“He’s a classic example of somebody who spent his entire adult life in prison and that’s all he knows,” said Gleason. “He may go out and commit another crime so that he could go back to the only lifestyle that he knows.”

Sentenced to life without parole in Virginia and Maryland, Malvo, now 32, was 17 when he and his mentor John A. Muhammad terrorized the Washington, D.C., area with their Beltway Sniper attacks.

The twisted monsters coldly gunned down 13 people, killing 10 and wounding 3, from hiding in their specially rigged killing vehicle in the fall of 2002. Muhammad, who recruited and trained Malvo, was sentenced to death and executed in a Virginia prison Nov. 10, 2009.

D.C. Sniper Up For Parole

But on May 26, U.S. District Court Judge Raymond A. Jackson shockingly ruled Malvo’s mandatory sentence violated his constitutional rights — because he was a teen at the time of the bloody shooting binge. Now Malvo faces new sentencing hearings, and could be released if the laws regulating juvenile guidelines are applied, said Gleason.

The danger the murderous maniac would be put back on the streets is so great, Virginia’s fearful Attorney General Mark Herring immediately filed a notice of appeal in an attempt to block a bid to free him.

“If he is re-sentenced, the criminal justice system puts more emphasis on rehabilitation for minors and first offenders,” noted Gleason. “They might use the last 15 years plus he spent incarcerated to adjust his sentence.”