Crazed John Hinckley Still Jodie Foster Obsessed

John hinkley corbis square

Would-be presidential assassin JOHN HINCKLEY'S obsession with JODIE FOSTER rages on after 34 years – even as psychiatrists try to let him back into society!

But the mental patient who once shot Ronald Reagan in a bid to impress his lesbian dream girl can’t even let himself watch Jodie’s movies, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

Now psychiatrists want to make Hinckley a permanent outpatient!

When testifying to Hinckley’s good behavior, his brother Scott stated the siblings had been to the movies, but the film they wanted to see ran past Hinckley’s hospital curfew.

They chose another film – but, as Scott said on the stand, Hinckley said, “We’ve got to get out of here. That lady on the screen is Jodie Foster.”

An insider said: “He can’t even watch her in a movie. The mental patient is still obsessed with Jodie, who should be in fear of her life if John is released!”