Evil Cop Killer Nailed To Wall!

Bryant brewer cop killer sq

A smug, smirking cop killer was cut down to size by a no-nonsense judge who sentenced the monster to life in prison — then tacked on ANOTHER 115 years to make sure he’ll never get out of the slammer!

Evil Bryant Brewer mocked his victim’s widow and testified he was “proud” of murdering Chicago policeman Thor Soderberg, an 11-year veteran of the force. Saying Brewer had a “malignant heart,” Judge Timothy Joyce dropped the hammer on the 29-year-old fiend.

“He will never experience a free day in his life,” the judge told Soderberg’s grieving widow, Jennifer Loudon.

Certainly, Brewer earned his punishment. The cold-blooded creep jumped a fence surrounding a Chicago Police Academy parking lot and launched an unprovoked attack on Soderberg on July 7, 2010.

Brewer wrestled away the stunned lawman’s gun, then shot him once in the back as he fled and twice in the face!

Then the heartless assassin, shirtless and covered in Soderberg’s blood, locked eyes with another police officer, Kimberly Thorp, “smirked” and fired several rounds at her!

But another cop shot Brewer and averted a massacre. The maniac survived after being hospitalized.

Years of legal maneuvering delayed his trial, but did not wipe the self-satisfied smirk off Brewer’s face. When he finally stood trial in September, the unrepentant killer put on an odd and shameful performance in a bid for an insanity defense.

Brewer’s heartless act began when his 43-year-old victim’s shattered widow took the stand at a sentencing hearing. “I lost everything,” Jennifer told the court, dabbing the tears from her eyes.

Jennifer revealed she and her husband of five years were planning to buy a house, get a dog and become foster parents when Brewer cut him down.

Still weeping, she testified, “I had no idea it was possible to lose so much in a single lifetime… much less in a single moment.”

As Jennifer sobbed, the remorseless and cruel killer rubbed his eyes, mocking the grief-stricken widow and pretended to cry. Then he laughed!

And Brewer didn’t stop there, boasting, “Hell, yeah. I’m proud!” of his actions when he took the stand himself. He even pumped his fist victoriously when his terrible deeds were described in court.

While arguing for a lenient sentence, Brewer’s lawyer said his client was mentally unfit and “belongs in a hospital.”

But Brian Sexton, assistant State’s Attorney, insisted there was no evidence Brewer was mentally ill on the day he executed Soderberg. “He’s a complete sociopath — evil personified,” said Sexton.

As the cold-blooded monster was being led away to spend his remaining days in a cage, Sexton told him: “Have a miserable life!”