Clucked Up!

Crazed Vegan Drives Into Chicken Truck

Hard-drinking health freak tried to force driver off the road!

chicken truck vegan woman arrested

A Georgia woman with a hatred for meat-eaters faces multiple charges after twice ramming her car into a chicken truck before fleeing the scene.

Judith Moriah Armstrong, a self-described vegan, was tracked down by police in Madison County, Ga. She had left her license plate and other debris from her vehicle behind at the scene of the crime.

The truck driver described the incident to deputies responding to his 911 call, noting his surprise as a red-haired woman slammed her four-door vehicle into the side of his truck.

Surprise turned to shock as the red car slammed into his truck again with a force that sent the smaller vehicle spinning in front of him — its driver seemingly oblivious to endangering the lives of any chickens aboard the truck.

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Police found Armstrong and the vehicle — both matching the driver’s description — at a rural home in nearby Comer, Ga.

Armstrong initially refused to cooperate with their investigation until they produced a warrant, although she admitted through the home’s windows that she’d hit the truck “because it was a chicken truck and she was a vegan,” according to police reports.

Armstrong added that she had fled the scene out of concern for her driver’s license.

Officers arrested Armstrong and tested her blood-alcohol level, which at .089 exceeded the legal limit for Georgia drivers.

The vegan claimed she was sober when she mounted her vehicular assault on the truck, though, saying that she had “taken a couple of shots” when she arrived home.