Casey Anthony’s Deadly Dream Of Reality Show Fame!

Casey anthony short

Monstrous mom Casey Anthony beat the rap for murdering her adorable 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but a private eye charges she brutally drowned the girl with her bare hands — just so she could become a reality show star!

Dominic Casey, an investigator hired by the Anthony family to find Caylee after she vanished on June 16, 2008, revealed what he calls the party girl mom’s motive murder in a stunning new book, “Privilege Waived — Part II: Caylee Marie Anthony.”

The investigator charged that “America’s most hated woman” planned her daughter’s death for months before drowning Caylee in her family’s backyard above-ground pool.

Her twisted motive, said the private eye, was a desperate dream to a star on the TV reality show “Survivor!”

The starstruck vixen described her TV plans in her profile on the dating website

“Her profile became her manifesto … how she would survive after murdering Caylee and get away with it,” wrote the author.

Amazingly, Caylee’s mother even applied to audition for ”Survivor,” but never showed up for the interview, the book said.

Anthony’s lawyer told the jury that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool and Anthony’s dad, George, masterminded a cover-up.

But the book charged that Anthony did an online search for ways to fatally suffocate the tot with chloroform, acetone or hydrogen peroxide months before the child’s death!